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Wine of Month November 2013

Faustino 9mil

RIOJA qualified Designation of Origin

Logo Wine Faustino 9mil

Only 9Mil liters of an intense wine, elegant. Neither more nor less. An exceptional ground, years of utmost care, centenary know-how, limited productions always looking for better quality .... Manual selection of the best beans from each cluster. So come every year 9,000 liters of an intense wine, elegant, made by the malolactic fermentation in new barrels of French and American oak, remaining there eight months.

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Wine of Month October 2013

Casa de la Cruz

Designation of Origin BULLAS

Logo Wine Casa de la Cruz

Winemaking: Each variety is fermented separately to a t th of 28 ° C for 10 days. Maceration: 25 days after fermentation. Also separately passed new barrels of French Allier oak where malolactic performed. Total time in barrel 24 meses.Dos thousand three hundred fifty bottles. Bottling January 26, 2008

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Wine of Month September 2013


Designation of Origin SOMONTANO

Logo Wine Blecua

For the preparation of Blecua 2005, we conducted what is known as "triple selection": selection of vineyards, selection of clusters and selection of barrels. Once the harvest has been done manually, we proceed to a selection of clusters in the "table of triage. Grapes from each vineyard separately perform fermentation in French oak casks for 4 weeks, then start malolactic fermentation in the same vats. Each wine is put into French oak barrels of Allier from four different coopers. After twelve months, we proceed to the selection of the best barrels and perform the final assembly resting on other barrels for eight months for a total of 20 months. Once the aging process the wine is bottled directly from the barrels without being subjected to filtration and stabilization processes.

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Wine of Month August 2013


RIOJA qualified Designation of Origin

Logo Wine Aurus

Tempranillo and Graciano from very old vines, soil clay ladera.Selección of clusters in the field and walk back bodega.Encube selection of vintage stemmed. Maceration of 20 días.Crianza Tronçais Oak for 24 months. Bottled without filtración.Producción: 6,000 bottles

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Wine of Month July 2013

Valsotillo Gran Reserva

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL DUERO

Logo Wine Valsotillo Gran Reserva

This wine spent 30 months in American oak barrels in cellar of the sixteenth century, at a constant temperature of 12 ° C, conditions that make our wines with excellent aging and preserve the elegance and richness of sensations. Once bottled, the wine remains in bottle in the cellar until they leave the mercado.N No Bottles: 10,600 bottles.

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Wine of Month June 2013

Vall Llach

PRIORATO qualified Designation of Origin

Logo Wine Vall Llach

The old vines, almost centuries, and low production, which has Porrera the slopes of the winery, this wine with a marked character that seduces and surprises. Must in the "trossos" is added the best of the new plantation estates winemaking address and select singles. It is thus available an excellent selection of varieties for the final coupatge. Deep and structured its superb concentration makes manifest in a rich tapestry of aromas and flavors powerful and original do not prevent the fineness and harmony. In the cellar, no one thinks of it as a wine consumer. We like to work for a wine tasting designed to calm, to savor with pleasure.

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Wine of Month May 2013

PX Robles Selección del 1927

Designation of Origin MONTILLA-MORILES

Logo Wine PX Robles Selección del 1927

Wine of Month April 2013

Estela de Arrayán

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Logo Wine Estela de Arrayán

This wine has been made after the racking of tanks intended for the Premium. It takes a bleeding of the residues without exerting any pressure. The assembly is carried out prior to 17 months aging in French oak barrels.

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Wine of Month March 2013

Alma de Luzón

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

Logo Wine Alma de Luzón

Vintage selected vineyards of the property 50 years old, low production and located 600 meters above sea level. Is performed manually in boxes at their optimum 10/15kg going through the selection table before vinificación.La alcoholic fermentation in contact with the skins does not exceed 28 º C temperature, maceration period between 15 to 20 days.

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Wine of Month February 2013

Vetas Petit Verdot

Denominación de Origen MALAGA

Logo Wine Vetas Petit Verdot

20 months in new French oak barrels with a subsequent round of 54 months in bottle in our cellar.

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