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Bodegas Monterebro

Founded in 2010

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MONTEREBRO The name comes from a combination of three words: Monte + Terra + Ebro (Ebro River symbolic). The continental climate ideal for wine production, the uniqueness of the land they are found only in Jumilla, loyalty and tradition dedicated to process all contribute to the development and creation of Monterebro wines, which are superior in quality and in valor.Monterebro is a unique new project, created by a mix of large and celebrated winemakers qualified based innovative Jumilla, including the group responsible for Murcia Wine Club (the premium online wine empire of Spain).

Wineries Monterebro combines the latest technology with traditional manufacturing processes and family. Wineries Monterebro philosophy is simple: "Year after year, we strive to create the most expressive wines, elegant, and memorable leaving Jumilla (at affordable prices). Monterebro is synonymous with excellence in quality, character and courage. " Wineries Monterebro is in the heart of the Place of Aragona. The vineyards are located around the north side of Mount Cherry is covered by trees that harbor the need to vines used for the production of red and white wines prized Monterebro (Monterebro Young, Monterebro Monterebro Barrel and White ).

The vineyards Monterebro have an extension of 90 hectares and are located at an altitude above sea level of 750 meters. The land in this area are ex-sandy limestone, very stony on the surface, the soils are very poor in nutrients. The climate is continental, despite the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, some are extreme weather conditions, rainfall below 300 liters per year, and during the growing season, the temperature difference between day and night often exceeds 25 degrees celsius . All these factors make the grapes produced here are small berries, and very concentrated - yielding balanced wines with great structure, along with a high intensity of aromas.

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Address of the winery

Address of the winery:
Barrio Iglesias, 55 (Jumilla - 30520 - Murcia - Murcia - España)

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No Data

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Mobile winery:
(34) 669359647

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Person in charge of the winery

Person in charge of the winery:
D. Andrés Bastida Molina


D. Juan Miguel Benítez


1100 Barrels


140 Acres

Production Capacity

Production Capacity:
265 liters/year

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Monterebro Blanco

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

A fresh wine made ??from the Sauvignon Blanc variety, from the highest vineyards of Jumilla, developed through the process of cold maceration at 10?C for 6 hours with subsequent static racking and fermentation at 18?C.

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Monterebro Rosado

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

The vineyards where the grapes are grown from which the wine is located around 750 meters above the sea level. Prepared by cold maceration at 15 ° C for 6 hours (Monastrell), and cold maceration at 15 ° C for 24 hours (Syrah), with subsequent settling static and controlled fermentation between 15 º C and 18 º C.

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Monterebro Barrica

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

Young red wine barrel with 4 months. The grapes that result in this wine come from vineyards Monterebro old Jumilla Northwest, located at 750 meters altitude. The preparation thereof is developed over 2 weeks at 27 ° C temperature. Once fermentation in early November, is passed to new barrels of French and American oak (50/50), where he remained for four months until the end of March. Barricano Monterebro not been subjected to any treatment, at which precipitation is possible that responds to a natural process and in any case come to a defect.

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Monterebro Crianza

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

A wine in its purest form because it has not undergone any treatment stabilization. Deep, elegant, comes from our oldest vineyards, aged for 12 months in new French and American oak (50/50). With the intention to develop a very special wine and preserve its qualities intact Monterebro Crianza wine has not undergone any kind of treatment, so there is a chance that precipitation responds to a natural process of the wine and in any case a defect.

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Monterebro Selección

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

Different and modern. After careful selection and choose the best wines elaboration, these remaining in American oak barrels and French for a short period of time (5 months). Wine of high layer, which offers a perfect balance of fruity aromas and new oak, giving the wine a unique and great expression. Criomaceration film at 10 ° C for 4 days, after fermentation with native yeast fermentation temperature controlled environment at 25 ° C, maceration continues for 6 days performing removed daily total. Once the alcoholic fermentation to proceed subjecting the wine to a micro-oxygenation process, in order to fix the anthocyanins tannin before the start of the malolactic fermentation.

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Monterebro Joven

Designation of Origin JUMILLA

The vineyards where the grapes are grown in which the wine Monterebro are around 750 meters, in the Place de La Aragona. Prepared by criomaceration system in the initial stage, then with traditional or semimaceración carbonic maceration, with lifts of wine, controlling the temperature between 20 ?C and 25? C and pulp temperature between 25 ?C and 30 ?C.

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