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The excellence of the land, the climate, the suitable vintage, they complement each other in Bank of the Júcar with modern laboratories and innovative ships of upbringing that, close to the experience and to be able to do, allow us to obtain broths of the highest quality. Slightly astringent, elegant, brilliant, soft wines and simultaneously deep, with a perfect balance of acidity and tanicidad, with this color purple so typical of the Bank of the Jucar.

Vintages of the wine region

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Show Details Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Zone of production

Cuenca:Casas de Benítez, Casas de Fernando Alonso, Casas de Guijarro, Casas de Haro, El Picazo, Pozoamargo, Sisante


Climate of Mediterranean moderate type. The average annual temperarura of the Bank of the Júcar comes closer 14 degrees, with a thermal oscillation of approximately 20,5 degrees. This thermal annual regime is known like moderated hotly. The average annual pluviometría places between the 450 and 550 mm and is very regular, throughout the year except the period of June to September. Therefore, the regime of dampness of the geographical area Bank of the Júcar is dry Mediterranean. The combination of the thermal regime and of dampness they allow to establish that the climatic type of Bank of the Júcar is the Moderate Mediterranean.

Stained Varieties

Authorized: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Bobal.

Preferential: N/A

White Varieties

Authorized: N/A

Preferential: N/A

Types of wine

  • Young Wine. The musts soften in presence of the husks during the time necessary for the extraction of the matter colouring, so that the resultant wines present the intensity colouring needed minim.The process of alcoholic fermentation, included the time of maceration, has a duration of between 10 and 12 days. During the same one there takes place the depletion of the azúcares (less than 3 g/l of matters reductoras) without substantial loss of the primary typical aromas. In the pressing of the residues lower pressures than 2,5 are applied kg/cm2, of that a maximum rendiminto will be obtained (sum of the bled and pressed wine) of 70 liters by every 100 kg of vintage. Later the stage of fermentation takes place maloláctica, diminishing notably the content of acid málico in the final composition of the wine.
  • tradition Wine. The alcoholic hard maceration - fermentation from 10 to 15 days, to temperature not superior to them 309C. The aging is realized for 4 months in casks of French or American oak, followed by a reconducive period or by tune-up in bottle of variable duration.
  • Wine Upbringing. The alcoholic maceration - fermentation lasts equally between 10 and 15 days to not top temperature to 302C.The aging takes place for 24 months, 6 of which in cask of French or American oak. There are no differences, as for the conditions of maceration, pressing and fermentation maloláctica for the wines tradition and of upbringing, with regard to indicated for the young wine.

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice of the D.O. " RIBERA DEL JÚCAR "

Plaza Del Ayuntamiento, S/N

16708 - Pozoamargo

Cuenca - Spain

Tel.: 967 340 258 - Fax: 967 345 480


Wineries List

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Bodega La Morenilla, S.A.T. 5484

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Casas de Benítez-CuencaCastilla La Mancha

Bodegas Casa de los Simarros, S.A.

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Casas de Haro-CuencaCastilla La Mancha

Bodegas Elvi Wines

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Sant Cugat del Vallés-BarcelonaCataluña

Bodegas Navarro López

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Valdepeñas-Ciudad RealCastilla La Mancha

Bodegas y Viñedos Illana, S.L.

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Pozoamargo -CuencaCastilla La Mancha

Cooperativa del Campo San Ginés

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Casas de Benitenez-CuencaCastilla La Mancha

Coperjucar, S.C. LTDA

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Sisante-CuencaCastilla La Mancha

La Pañoleta Roja - Bodegas Quo

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Albacete-AlbaceteCastilla La Mancha

Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza S.C. (Casa Gualda)

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Pozoamargo-CuencaCastilla La Mancha

S.C. de CLM Purísima Concepción

Designation of Origin RIBERA DEL JUCAR

Casas de Fernando Alonso-CuencaCastilla La Mancha

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