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Both most important pieces of the Museum of Vilafranca del Penedès's Wine demonstrate the existence of vineyard in the zone of the Penedès before the 4th century a.c. introduced by the focios. These two pieces, of great archaeological value, are two plates of press discovered in excavations of two Iberian different settlements located in the Penedès. The Roman influence in the Penedès does that there were cultivated different stained varieties imported by the Phoenicians and the Greeks of Middle East and Egypt.

Vintages of the wine region

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Zone of production

Cataluña:Abrera, Aiguamúrcia, Albinyana, Avinyonet del Penedès, Banyeres del Penedès, Begues, Bellvei, Bonastre, Cabrera D’igualada, Calafell, Canyelles, Castellet i la Gornal, Castellví de la Marca, Castellví de Rosanes, Cervelló, Corbera de llobregat, Cubelles, Cunit, El pla del penedès, El vendrell, Els hostalets de pierola, Font-rubí, Gelida, La bisbal del penedès, La granada, La llacuna, Les cabanyes, Llorenç del penedès, L’arboç, Martorell, Masquefa, Mediona, Montmell, Olèrdola, Olesa de bonesvalls, Olivella, Pacs del penedès, Piera, Pontons, Puigdàlber, Sant cugat sesgarrigues, Sant esteve sesrovires, Sant jaume dels domenys, Sant llorenç d’hortons, Sant martí sarroca, Sant pere de ribes, Sant pere de riudebitlles, Sant quintí de mediona, Sant sadurní d’anoia, Santa fe del penedès, Santa margarida i els monjos, Santa maria de miralles, Santa oliva, Sitges, Subirats, Torrelavit, Torrelles de foix, Vallirana, Vilafranca del penedès, Vilanova i la geltrú, Vilobí del penedès.


In general lines, the climate of the Penedés is typically Mediterranean, own of the coastal and pre-coastal Catalan, és to say softly and hotly. The zone of the Low Penedès is hotter thanks to the influence of the sea. The Penedès Superior is a typical zone of pre-coastal climate, where the frosts are more frequent and the contrast between the maximum and minimal temperatures is major. In some points, there can be reached 900 liters per annual square meter of rain. In the Vendrell (Under Penedès) the everage temperature is of 14,4ºC and in Vilafranca (Penedès Central) of 12ºC. A few temperatures completely favorable to the culture of the grapevine. The minimal temperatures are given in January, 2,63ºC, and the maxims in July, 27,78ºC.Las frosts can take place between November 1 and ends of April, though in some places hurts have taken place in the grapevine for late frosts, accompanied of cold winds. Because of his orographical configuration, the Penedès remains protected from the cold winds but the region is opened for the Mestral and for the winds of west, and in summer they predominate over the marinaded ones. The climate of the Penedès is luminous, the average of hours of sunstroke is of 2.548, favorably for the good ripeness of the grape. Also the rain turns out to be beneficial in the zone, since the average is of 514 l/m2. The station in which the maxim takes place pluviométrica is the autumn, followed in the spring. From autumn, and also in spring, a weak fog is frequent, this phenomenon and the thick fog that exists occasionally, as well as the hoar-frost and the rain favors the invasions of mildio or other parasites of the grapevine, which forces the vinicultor to use preventive treatments. Of all forms, it is necessary to mention that the summer hoar-frost is beneficial for the dampness of the grapevine.

Stained Varieties

Authorized: N/A

Preferential: Tempranillo, Robe, Samsó, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Franc.

White Varieties

Authorized: N/A

Preferential: Macabeo, Xarello, Parellada, Subirat Parent, Muscatel of Alexandria, Muscatel of Tiny Grain, Malmsey wine of Sitges, Chardonnay, Sauvignon White, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Chenin.

Types of wine

  • White Wine.
  • Pink Wine.
  • Stained Wine.
  • Frothy Wine.
  • Sweet natural Wine.
  • Wine of Aguja.
  • Sweet Wine of grape sobremadurada.

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice of the D.O. "PENEDÉS"

l'Édifice Prédit. Une Place Prédit, s/n. Pol. Domenys un IIe - Apdo. 226

08720 - Villafranca del Penedés

Barcelona - Spain

Tel.: 938 904 811 - Fax: 938 904 754


Wineries List

Joan Esteva Nadal 

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Avinyonet Del Penedès-BarcelonaCataluña

Joan Ferrán Roses Vila

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Castellvi de Rosanes-BarcelonaCataluña

Joan Llopart Pons

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Font-Rubí -BarcelonaCataluña

Joan Segura Pujades 

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Torrelavit -BarcelonaCataluña

Jordi Alemany Bonastre 

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Gelida -BarcelonaCataluña

Jordi Lluch Lluch

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Sant Quintí de Mediona-BarcelonaCataluña

José Alegret Sanroma

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Vilafranca del Penedés-BarcelonaCataluña

José Antonio Saldaña García 

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Sant Pere de Riudebitlles -BarcelonaCataluña

Josep Almuzara Carreras

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Sant Llorenç d' Hortons-BarcelonaCataluña

Josep Colet Orga

Designation of Origin PENEDES

Pacs del Penedès-BarcelonaCataluña


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