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The region of Abona is placed in the southern slope of the Island of Tenerife, in the Canary Archipelago, occupying the sloping planes that from the clump of the Teide get down even the level coastal one. The vineyard, with 1.995 hectares, spreads from 400 meters to the 1.700 of altitude, differentiating two strata in relation with this factor. A level of mediocrities, which goes from the 400 up to them 800m., of volcanic very porous areas and of raised higroscopicidad, capable of absorbing the water of the dampness of the environment, and a high zone that, from the limit of the mediocrities, reaches 1.700 m. In Vilaflor, really amazing altitude for the culture of the grapevine. In this part, one agrees the vineyard on clayey areas of dark coloration and high fertility, being cultivated in glass, exceptional formation in the whole Canary vineyard.

Vintages of the wine region

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Zone of production

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Santa Cruz de Tenerife:Adeje, Arona, Fasnia, Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel, Vilaflor, Villa de Arico


The climate is very sunny and dry, though, for his orientation, still it can receive some effect of the trade regime, especially in the high zones. In any case, it is a question of a Mediterranean soft climate, with extraordinary conditions of health, that it allows a culture of the vineyard in which the phytosanitary treatments practically are not necessary.

Stained Varieties

Authorized: black Bastard, pink Malmsey wine, Tintilla, black Vijariego, Tintilla, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Ruby Cabernet, Syrah, Tempranillo, Castilian Negress

Preferential: black Listán, black Muscatel, Negramoll

White Varieties

Authorized: white Bastard, Foreign white, white Listán, Pedro Ximenez, Sabro, Torrontés, Vijariego

Preferential: Bermejuela, Gual, Malmsey wine, Muscatel, Verdello

Types of wine

  • Sweet Classic Wine Will Be the wine obtained from grape of the varieties "Malmsey wine" or "Muscatel", which submitted to a process of sobremaduración in the same plant, or by means of "asoleado", they present a minimal content in azúcares residual of 45 grams per liter.
  • Corp. The systems of culture and cultural practices will be the traditional ones of the region that tend to obtain the best qualities, the conduction being authorized in addition in espalier, variants of Guyot and Cordón Royal. All the packings used in the process of upbringing will have to be of oak, with a maximum capacity of 1.000 liters.
  • Wine from liquor. it will be the obtained one by means of extinguished of the fermentation with addition of wine alcohol, which minimal content in azúcares residual is 55 grams per liter

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice of the D.O. "ABONA"

Martin Rodríguez, 9. El Poris de Abona

38580 - Villa de Arico

Sta. Cruz de Tenerife - Spain

Tel.: 922 164 241 - Fax: 965 229 295

Wineries List

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Marisol Díaz Quintero

Designation of Origin ABONA

Granadilla De Abona-TenerifeIslas Canarias

Pedro Hernández Tejera

Designation of Origin ABONA

Fasnia-TenerifeIslas Canarias

Reveron & H, S.A.T.

Designation of Origin ABONA

Vilaflor-TenerifeIslas Canarias

Scda. Coop. Agrícola San Miguel-Casmi

Designation of Origin ABONA

San Miguel de Abona-TenerifeIslas Canarias


Designation of Origin ABONA

Arico-TenerifeIslas Canarias

Tomás Frias González

Designation of Origin ABONA

Fasnia-TenerifeIslas Canarias

Viñaflor Tenerife, S.L.

Designation of Origin ABONA

Vilaflor-TenerifeIslas Canarias

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