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Logo of the DO MENTRIDA
The Regulatory Advice of the D.O. Méntrida, was formed in 1.976, immediately after the creation of the D.O. as organism in charge of the defense of the wines of the D.O., application and fulfillment of the regulation, as well as of the promotion and advertising the elaborated wines. Recently there has taken place the last modification of the Regulation of the Regulatory Advice (12/04/00), in which substantial reforms get and adapts to the juridical current regime. It is necessary to emphasize the incorporation of stained varieties as the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, and white varieties (Albillo, Viura or Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay), that were not gathered in the former Regulation of the Regulatory Advice, as well as the varieties Petit Verdot and Verdejo that are included by the entry into force of the new Law of the Wine.

Vintages of the wine region

E-Excellent # VG-Very Good # G-Good # R-Regular # D-Deficient #
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Show Details Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Zone of production

Toledo:Albarreal de Tajo, Alcabón, Aldeaencabo, Almorox, Arcicollar, Barcience, Bargas, Burujón, Camarena, Camarenilla, Carmena, Carranque, Casar de Escalona (el), Casarrubios del Monte, Castillo de Bayuela, Cebolla, Cerralbos (los), Chozas de Canales, Domingo Pérez, Escalona, Escalonilla, Fuensalida, Gerindote, Hormigos, Huecas, Lucillos, Malpica de Tajo, Maqueda, Méntrida, Montearagón, Nombela, Novés, Otero, Paredes, Pelahustán, Portillo, Quismondo, Real de San Vicente, Recas, Rielves, Santa Ccruz del Retamar, Santa Olalla, Toledo, Torre de Esteban Hambrán (la), Torrijos, Val de Santo Domingo, Valmojado, Ventas de Retamosa (las), Villamiel, Viso (el), Yunclillos.


The climate is Mediterranean continental dry and extremely, presents a notable thermal annual oscillation and scanty rainfalls, with an average annual pluviometría between 300-450 mm. The persistence and intensity this of the rains associated with the winds of the SO, centering on two stations: from March to May and from September to November, being more out-standing the first one. In the winter they predominate over the anticyclonic situations and the phenomena of investment are frequent thermal originated by the night frosts of radiation.The summer stability that develops under the domains of the anticyclone of the Azores, can turn disturbed by the presence of local storms caused by the overheating of the soil during the day.

Stained Varieties

Authorized: Robe, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot.

Preferential: N/A

White Varieties

Authorized: Albillo, Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Verdejo.

Preferential: N/A

Types of wine

  • White Wine.
  • Pink Wine.
  • Stained Young Wine.
  • Wine Upbringing.
  • Reservation Wine.
  • Great Reservation Wine.

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice of the D.O. "MÉNTRIDA"

Avda. Cristo del Amparo, 14 bis 1 º

45510 - Fuensalida

Toledo - Spain

Tel.: 925 785 185 - Fax: 925 784 154


Wineries List

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Aceites y Vinos Naturales Vicente Colado

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Montearagón-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

AgroVillarta, S.L

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Escalona de Alberche-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

Bodega Angel Colado Pavón

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Montearagón-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

Bodega Cartema

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Madrid-Madrid Comunidad de Madrid

Bodega Cooperativa Condes de Fuensalida

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Fuensalida-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

Bodega Cooperativa San Miguel ArcÁngel

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Montearagón-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

Bodega Finca Constancia

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Otero-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

Bodegas Alonso Cuesta

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

La Torre de Esteban Hambrán-ToledoCastilla La Mancha

Bodegas Antonio Poveda Merino

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Valmojado -Toledo Castilla La Mancha

Bodegas Arrayán

Designation of Origin MENTRIDA

Santa Cruz del Retamar-Toledo Castilla La Mancha

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