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Choosing a wine for this Christmas

Written rules do not exist it brings over on what wine to serve during the big banquets, but the wines must be served in agreement with the colors and the textures of the plates that we place in our table in this so special night .

The wine turns into one of the backbones of any Christmas celebration, and to choose it well it is the challenge mas important to assure a successful dinner us. We must adapt the wine to the tastes whom he enjoys them, though always inside a few logical limits that it suits to respect.

Table for Christmas dinner

We will accompany on a frothy wine or a Sherry the appetizers since they contribute stimulant flavors. If the chosen appetizer is of caviar or salmon, we can choose for a champagne or a good white dry wine. If on the contrary, we have praised ourselves for sausages, to these they a good pink wine can go, or a good stained young wine.

If we prepare a consomme, we it can accompany on a trickle of Dry Sherry or wines White dry. For any salad, providing that it is not too much spiced by vinegar, a white wine or stained young person serves him as accompaniment. Totally prohibited to accompany to the asparagus and artichokes of no wine, since this food possesses between his components a substance so called cinarina that gives to the wine a bitter very disagreeable flavor.

For the second plates, to know that you show restraint forts as the red meat or the hunt they annul the flavor of a white wine whereas a shellfish or one is not in the habit of fish accompanying with a stained wine and if with white since the shades ténicos of the first one would concern the flavor of the plate. If to cook a stew we use a certain wine, it is convieniente that during the dinner we serve the same wine not to mix strange flavors.

If the chosen plate is the typical turkey of Christmas we it can serve with a good stained wine, whereas the roast gelding can accompany of a white bred Chardonnay or a Rioja upbringing.

To the exquisite sucking-pig him there is OK a Ribera or a Rioja Tempranillo. If we choose for shellfish, in general it is in the habit of accompanying with champagne or dry whites. The oysters and the lobster with wine-cellar or champagne brut nature or very perfumed whites and the fished ones with Galician whites, penedes or riojas.

And we come to the sweet desserts that we will accompany of champagne or semisweet wine-cellar and big white strong wines type Sauterneso Malvasía as well as generous as the Oporto and the Sherry.

Hope that these advices you enjoy a Happy Christmas dinner!!



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