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Placed to the Northwest of León's Province. With 2.954,28 km2, The Bierzo covers 18 % of the Provincial surface. Geographically it borders on the provinces of Orense, Lugo, Oviedo, and on the following zones from Leon: La Montaña (Murias de Paredes y Laciana), La Cabrera and la Meseta, being therefore a zone of transition between Galicia, León and Asturias. The Bierzo is a set of small valleys in the highland zone and wide and flat depression, the low Bierzo, which are going to form the types of culture.

Vintages of the wine region

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Zone of production

León: Arganza, Bembibre, Borrenes, Cabañas raras, Cacabelos, Camponaraya, Carracedelo, Carucedo, Castropodame, Congosto, Corullón, Cubillos del Sil, Fresnedo, Molinaseca, Noceda, Ponferrada, Priaranza, Puente Domingo Flórez, Sancedo, Toral de los Vados, Vega de Espinareda, Villadecanes, Villafranca del Bierzo.


The Bierzo has a microclimate very special and very adapted to the cultures of the zone. It is a question of a soft, benign, rather moderate climate regulated by certain dampness, all this owed undoubtedly to that The Bierzo is placed in a valley.It is a climate similar to the Galician in what to dampness it refers and on the other hand it is dry as in Castile, which makes it very typical guarding a water balance to what another advantage is added, his low altitude prevents, generally, the late frosts what turns out to be benign enough for the vintage that goes forward, normally, one month on those of the rest of Castile and the Rioja. The rainfall reaches a minimum in summer and maximum in the winters months.The fluctuation of dampness in long periods is very low, happening of subhumid to humid, or to I dry subhumid but they never appreciate extreme such pernicious variations for the grapevines. The extreme temperatures are given in winter and summer, being the average of 12,3ºC, a few average minims of 3,6 being registered º in the cold months and maxims of 23,6 º in the warmest months. The rainfalls are of the order of 721 mm in an average year.The average annual sunstroke is coded in 2.100 at 2.200 hours of the Sun throughout the year.

Stained Varieties

Authorized: Robe Tintorera

Preferential: Mencía

White Varieties

Authorized: Malmsey wine, Dove

Preferential: Dona Blanca, Godello

Types of wine

  • The wines will be elaborated exclusively by the varieties: Mencía and Robe Tintorera for stained wines; Mencía, Robe Tintorera and Dove for Pink wines, and the white varieties authorized for the white wines.The stained wines will be elaborated by a minimum of 70 by 100 of grape of the variety Mencía and Pink by a minimum of 50 by 100 of the same variety.

Regulatory Advice

Regulatory Advice of the D.O. "BIERZO"

Los Morales, 1

24540 - Cacabelos

León - Spain

Tel.: 987 549 408 - Fax: 987 547 077


Wineries List

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Agribergidum, S.A.T.

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Cacabelos-LeónCastilla y León

Arturo García Viñedos y Bodegas , S.L.

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Parandones-LeónCastilla y León

Aurelio Feo Viticultor

Designation of Origin BIERZO

San Andrés de Montejos-Ponferrada-LeónCastilla y León

B.M.P. , S.A.

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Ponferrada -LeónCastilla y León

Bodega Alberto Ledo

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Villafranca del Bierzo-LeónCastilla y León

Bodega Broco Martínez

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Parandones-LeónCastilla y León

Bodega Cepas del Bierzo

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Ponferrada-LeónCastilla y León

Bodega Cobertizo de Viña Ramiro

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Valtuille de Abajo -LeónCastilla y León

Bodega Coop. Comarcal Vinícola del Bierzo

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Cabañas Raras-LeónCastilla y León

Bodega del Abad

Designation of Origin BIERZO

Carracedelo-LeónCastilla y León

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