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Palo Cortado Wellington V.O.S.

We have no description for this wine. If you are in charge of the wine can contact us for further information via the contact form LaEsenciaDelVino

Wines Type

Wines Type:
Generoso White Wine

Grapes Type

Grapes Type:
Palomino Fino (100%)


No Data

Service Temperature

Service Temperature:
15ºC - 20ºC

Wine Color

Wine Color:
Mahogany with a remarkable orange tint. Denso. Bright and clean.

Wine Aroma

Wine Aroma:
Aromatic intensity average. First printing varnishes and wood, passing caramel latte and a very slight touch of salt, all without moving the cup. Moving this iodinated touches subtly reveal low tide and back to show the varnish and the wood, but less strongly.

Wine Taste

Wine Taste:
Step a little lighter. Fantastic acidity. Boca bitter and slightly spicy, with a constant salinity to be anything but annoying. As the minutes pass are hints of coffee. Aftertaste eternal and retro nasal spicy and bitter.

Indicative price of the bottle

Indicative price of the bottle:

Prize awarded Wine

Prize awarded Wine:
No Data

The Essence of Wine Awards

The Essence of Wine Awards:
This wine has not been awarded by The Essence of Wine

Tasting by The Essence of Wine

Tasting Date: 26/05/2012
80% Complete

From flawless appearance. Clean, very bright. Orange amber color, a color very appealing.
The aroma is powerful, pervasive. Memories of hearth, dried figs, walnuts.
In the mouth, soft input but long drink. Very persistent, with a great memory in my mouth.

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