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Sociedad Vitivinícola Ladrero

Founded in 2001

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Vitivinícola Ladrero, is born in September, 2001 with big illusions on the part of several persons, with the firm intention of recovering the Zone of the Cerrato in the wine sector, giving him the brilliance that had in the previous years.

In these years the crossed way has been a five-peseta coin, very five-peseta coin, some of his founding partners, they have stayed in this way, be for them, our recognition and gratitude.

Today we are in a new stage, though the aim continues being the same, but with another aptitude, to walk slow, doing way, to look for supports, definitively to do well the things.

At the end of April, 2007, in the Official Bulletin of Castile and León, number 81 of date April 27, 2007 published the " ORDER AYG/781/2007, of April 24, the one that recognizes the v.c.p.r.d. Name of Origin "Arlanza" and approves his Regulation.

And at the beginning of June, 2007, our wines were going out to the market, a market invaded by the Riojas, the Riberas of the Douro, the Cigales, etc.

But here we are with the payment of " SEÑORIO DE VALDESNEROS" S.V., that some "humorists" have not hesitated to put the nickname of Super Sales.
I want to seize the opportunity to ask earnestly to all the PALENTINOS, to announce all over the world his - that they exercise and that they are proud - of his peoples, his land and his products, which it is not another thing that to be respected to if same.

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Address of the winery:
Avda. La Paz, 4 (Torquemada - 34230 - Palencia - Castilla y León - España)

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Phone winery:
+34 979 800 545 |

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Fax cellar:
+34 979 800 545

Person in charge of the winery

Person in charge of the winery:
D. Juan Pastor Suazo


D. Rubén Montero


100 Barrels


7 Acres

Production Capacity

Production Capacity:
50 liters/year

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Señorío de Valdesneros Rosado

Designation of Origin ARLANZA

Señorío de Valdesneros Tinto Roble

Designation of Origin ARLANZA

Señorío de Valdesneros Selección

Designation of Origin ARLANZA


Designation of Origin ARLANZA


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