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Wein-und Fast Food

Es gibt Tage, an denen Sie gerade Lust mouthing einen Hot Dog oder ein leckeres Stück Pizza, an anderen Tagen wollen wir einen wunderbaren Glas Wein zu genießen, aber nur selten die Möglichkeit erwogen, Mischen beider Heißhunger. Wenn mit dem, was maridamos Pizza oder einen Hot Dog gebeten, die Antwort in vier Buchstaben zusammenfassen: WEIN.

However, do not forget that a hot dog, Jocho, rolled, hot dog basically is a sandwich with a sausage (boiled or fried), and sausages certain wines pair perfectly. To find out which wine is best weds with a hot dog, we must take into account the type of sausage (Frankfurt, Viennese) and the accompany toppings.

The following are some of the more classic hot dogs and recommended wines.

  • New York Style Hot Dog (Served with Chucrut and mustard): With a touch bittersweet, perfectly complements German white wines with some body, such as Gewürztraminer or Pinot Gris, that might qualify for the acidity of the cabbage and mustard.
  • Chicago Style Hot Dog (Served with tomatoes, pickles, onions, mustard, pepper and celery salt): With a spicy soft, moderate acidity and little fat is complemented perfectly with a refreshing dry Riesling.
  • Texas Style Hot Dog (Served with Chili, cheese and jalapenos): A powerful hot dog, which requires a powerful wine, a red wine with ripe tannins voluptuous body like a young shiraz, will help balance the fat and make it spicy complexity with spicy notes.
  • Coney Island Hot Dog Style (Served with chili, onions and mustard): Less fat than Texas style, but with the point acid mustard can be complemented with a young, fruity red wine or rosé.

The pizza is as versatile as pasta, and has been adapted in each country according to your taste, the thickness of the dough, how to cook, etc... Although it is recommended to accompany the pizzas with beer, these are some wines that go well with pizza:

  • Margarita Pizza with cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil and cheese, made in a wood oven and before serving a cooked ham slices: Combines beautifully with fruity and refreshing rosé few tannins or Syrah red wine with soft that does not obscure the flavor of basil.
  • Napoli Pizza with Anchovies: Anchovies have a strong flavor and deep flooding the pizza, this delicious with red wine Mencia from Galicia or we can opt for a white wine, like a good Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.
  • Pizza with meat: In this case we recommend a soft Merlot which combine well with the meat and cheese without taking center stage.
  • Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, peach and other fruits. In this case we continue with this line and use a dessert wine, a red wine semi-dry.
  • Cheese and tomato pizza: Simple but delicious, this pizza opens a big fan of pairing possibilities, it certainly should be a good red wine: Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Overall, pinks and reds with soft tannins along well with pizza as their ingredients and sauce are very strong for white, but not too spicy as for red too intense.

I remind you that there is no better pairing that you like, I invite you to try and experiment different combinations with different wines.




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