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Die Bedeutung der Temperatur, bei der Wein serviert wird

The general rule to serve whites to refrigerator temperature and the reds to the environment is only approximate: the refrigerator temperature is too cold for some whites, and the environment too variable to mean something.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the sensation of temperature is quite subjective. For all temperatures are indicated with a desire not normative, but initial suggestions that the time each one set to their liking if they form an own opinion.

  • SWEET WHITE WINE: de 6º a 8º
  • YOUNG DRY WHITE WINE: de 8º a 10º
  • DRY WHITE WINE FOSTER: de 9º a 12º
  • WHITE WINE Barrel Fermented: de 9º a 11º
  • ROSE WINES: de 9º a 12º
  • YOUNG AND LIGHT RED WINES: de 13º a 15º
  • RESERVE WINES: de 16º a 18º
  • GRAN RESERVA RED: de 16º a 18º, some support up to 20º
  • CAVAS: de 6º a 8º
  • SHERRY: de 6º a 8º

Serving a wine at proper temperature is essential to appreciate all the features peculiar to judge its qualities.

Serving a wine at a temperature not suitable you can change the perception of the characteristics of wine. The temperature is more important than you may initially think.

With the heat, evaporation of the alcohol makes the aromas emerge stronger and less pleasant of vino.Por therefore nothing to serve red wines at room temperature and less in summer. In summer it will be desirable to cool it in a bucket and even serve a little lower, because throughout the food will go up in grades.

For white and rosé wines stands a higher temperature and excessive alcohol low acidity and masks highlights your personality.

To obtain the ideal temperature is necessary raise or lower degrees of formagradual, you should never use the freezer or warm the wine.

If the wine is at an elevated temperature for their service, the sommelier will introduce the bottle in a bucket of ice and water, which will control not to cool down excessively.

When the wine is too cold is recommended to wait to go slowly tuning, changes in temperature are not suitable. In an environment of 25 º, wine increases its temperature 2° every 15 minutes.




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