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Was ist wermut?

Der vermú oder vermut (auf französisch: vermout oder Wermut und in Deutsch: Wermut, 'Absinth' oder 'Absinth') ist ein Likör, der Snack, bestehend aus Weißwein, Wermut und andere Bitterstoffe. Diese Weine sind typisch europäisch, mit einem charakteristischen Aroma, das eine besondere Eleganz für einen Cocktail oder einen Snack gibt. Generell können Sie zwei Arten: rotem Vermouth (Italienisch) quee ist süß und weiß Wermut (Französisch), die trocken und höherem Alkoholgehalt ist.

This drink ('vinun absinthitum') was invented by the famous physician of antiquity, Hippocrates, born 460 B.C., when he put to macerate in wine flowers and leaves díctamo wormwood and scored what in the Middle Ages was called "Hippocratic wine" or "herbal wine." But it was not until 1838 when the brothers merit Giuseppe Luigi and Cora, the preparation of vermouth acquired an industrial.

It certainly is a unique drink, because its complicated process and the complicated mixtures of herbs impart a peculiar taste very nice and something sweet. There are several types of vermouth and each herb is a star in the process, for example in the red vermouth is the gentian, chamomile is dry, etc.

The red vermouth, is composed of over 40 herbal extracts, roots, flowers, spices and fruits. He says his exact formula known only to four people and is stored in a vault in Geneva. All these scents are mixed with the alcohol in the tamburo, a container which makes two turns a day for two weeks. After this process, add the wine and sugar and let stand.

The most common composition includes: Nail of Madagascar, Thoughts, Raspberry, Dittany of Crete, Wormwood, Lemon, Root lírio, Tree cascarillo, Ceylon cinnamon.

The vermouth is prepared by two methods: by infusion and by addition of extracts. The first is suspended in the center of mass of wine or pouch with a crankpin vegetable substances constituting the infusion, divided into pieces or crushed. At 45 days extracted wrist that is squeezed to release the imbibed fluid, which is attached to the container, this fact is suspended again. This operation remove, drain and replace the pin in place is repeated several times with the interval of 5-6 days. After a month or more later, if you prepare a vermouth rich aroma, the wrist is removed and subjected to a small press to remove the wine it contains, which joins the rest. Then vermouth tasting and slightly aromatic if you put the same doll or a new, if on the contrary, is aromatic vermouth is added excess over normal wine. This herbal infusion and drugs instead made directly in wine, usually made in alcohol, high alcohol (95%) Alcoholic infusion prepared in a manner analogous to that explained, is then added to wine.

The best Piedmontese vermouth is made with muscatel wine defecated and filtered as the one used for the production of sparkling muscat, except the header practiced in vermouth to make it sweet. He racked twice during the winter, in spring is clarified, filtered and added 2-3 liters of alcohol to bring to 13°-14°. The wood has it two and sometimes three years before applying, racking it twice annually and periodically filling it. The wines that are destined for the preparation of vermouth should be healthy and delicate palate, preferably with good bouquet, sweet and fortified. This two last features are not common in ordinary white wines, so before proceeding to the alcohol is added flavoring and sugar. With these corrections should be dosed on 14-15% alcohol, and export vermouth to 17% with 10-15% sugar. Ordinarily fine alcohol is used in 95-96% and sugar cane or beet, but in the preparation of vermouth low price the latter is replaced by glucose. Prepare a good white wine vermouth added moscatellone raisins instead of sugar. Since 1904 he successfully made in Piedmont sweet vermouth and alcoholic wines of Puglia, concentrated musts obtained.

Most vermouth are used as the basis for numerous cocktails and snacks, but if you prefer to take only the best way to taste it is in glass tube or in a medium sized glass tumbler as very cold with a slice of orange and some olives. The vermouth is part of the cocktail culture and our own, we must thank who created this magnificent drink.




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