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LazarusWine, blind Wein

Die Welt des Weines ist erstaunlich in sich. Es wird gezeigt, dass blinde Menschen stark entwickeln sich die anderen Sinne und ihren Geruch und Geschmack Schwellenwerte höher sind als die von Menschen, die nicht blind sind.

LazarusWine, blind wineBy the method MES is to exploit this sensory sensitivity and for this, the blind receive two training courses at the hands of winemakers and Gonzalo Gonzalo Antonio Palacios:

- Course of viticulture, winemaking and tasting that is taught in the Provincial Delegation of ONCE in La Rioja and other sensory processing course.
- Sensory Processing Course, taught at the Faculty of Oenology at the University of La Rioja.

By this method MES, the blind prepared in enology courses can detect future changes and possible imperfections wine even before chemical processes.

The method is implemented MES Vineyard after selection appropriate for each type of wine, in a warehouse next to it, which is optimal technology available. The following apply trained people with compounds modified wines from microbial metabolism, have developed ultra sensitivity thresholds. In the wine industry, and analyzes are performed accordingly winemaking decisions are made, by the method MES decisions taken before the problem is detected by chemical assay methods, these methods going to be a realization that everything goes by the right track. This avoids problems and promote positive flavorings and wine structure desired.

The MES method adapts to each variety of wine, it is continually tasted blind people to detect key compounds of microbial metabolism. Substances detected working on fermentation temperature, degree of aeration, time of maceration with skins and seeds, as well as assessing the quality of the lees, time and type of barrel to use ... Work is also tasting grapes to determine the optimal time of harvest and treatments pre-fermentation cold maceration.

This method MES were born two wines, LazarusWine Orange Label Syrah and Merlot and Black Label LazarusWine Syrah, Merlot and Tempranillo, with labels written in Braille, of course.

More information on www.lazaruswine.com


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