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Secrets zu entkorken eine Flasche Champagner oder Cava

Eine Flasche Champagner oder Cava, wie Fachleute sagen, sollte mit einem solchen Schlag, die sehr wenig oder gar kein Geräusch erzeugt öffnen.

Secrets to uncork a bottle of Champagne or CavaThe typical sound of "pop" to open a bottle of champagne or cava, can be fun when we are in an environment with friends or in a festive atmosphere, but if we follow the following instructions that I'm counting, and opens smoothly and silence will be bubbly champagne and tasty. So if you want to open a bottle like a pro you must follow these steps:

- It is essential to completely cool bottle of champagne / cava.
- Keeping the dried outside of the bottle with a cloth napkin to prevent condensation and to ensure good adhesion.
- Cut the capsule that covers the neck of the bottle with a knife, only torn with the fingers.
- Tilt the bottle about 45 degrees.
- Remove the muzzle with one hand, jump wire prevents the cork, holding the cork with the other hand.
- Turn the bottle with one hand while holding the cork with the other.
- The sound of air or a small cloud of gas that escapes from the bottle is a sure sign that the bottle is opened.

Champagne bubbles consist essentially of carbon dioxide, and that this wine maintains its charm is important to preserve them. It is for them that used to serve the flute glass and drink to a certain temperature (6-9 ° C), however, how to serve it also matters.

To retain the bubbles should be served in the same manner as beer, namely a liquid serving champagne inclined and letting the liquid run down one side.

Now we just have to enjoy this fabulous drink with a great toast.



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